Pre-Advanced Course

fingerprintEntry Requirements
• Certified Rolfer®
Certified Rolf Movement™ Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfing® Instructor, Mentor

A member of the Rolf Institute since 1986 and an International and European Rolfing

Cost: €500.00

A 2-days weekend workshop with Pierpaola to experience a preview of the advanced training she is going to teach starting in November 2023.

Who is this course for
  • Those looking to obtain Credits: 2 IRC credits, valid to attend the Advanced Rolfing® Training.
You’ll learn about

During the two days you will be exposed to Pierpaola’s teaching style and approach to Rolfing, by listening to her lectures, practicing manual interventions she will propose and giving a session to an outside client to experiment new possibilities.

The Advanced Rolfing Training is the next step toward the completion of the Rolfing Education; it gives you the opportunity to consolidate your foundations and deepen the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your Rolfing practices, so to move from a recipe-based approach to a client oriented one.