Meet ROLFING® – Einführungskurs in Berlin

fingerprintEntry Requirements
18+ years of age
Day 1: 09:00 - 17:30, Day 2: 9:00 - 13:00/15:00
Certified Rolfing® Instructor, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Mentor, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner

Andrea Clusen was certified as an Advanced Rolfer

Cost: €250.00

In this introductory course you will learn the basics of Rolfing® bodywork.

You will have the opportunity to experience what Rolfing® really means.

Experienced teachers of the Rolfing® method will introduce you to the theoretical background of Rolfing® and you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into Rolfing® practice.

> On Friday, 20.10. there will be the possibility to visit KÖRPERWELTEN in Berlin.
Andrea Clusen will be your guide. More details will follow! If you are interested, please inform us!

You’ll learn about
  • the history of Rolfing® and Rolf Movement™
  • Connective tissue and gravity
  • Structural analysis of the body
  • Anatomical palpation and practical work
  • Basics of touch with practical part
  • Gravity and Movement
  • Mini Rolfing® session (demo)
  • Theory, self-awareness, practical work and collaboration with fellow students

After the course will be the possiblity to get a personal feedback by the teacher - till 3pm.