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Recommended Reading

All books are available at bookstores or online,
or via the Rolf Institute website  (


Peter Schwind:
Faszien - Gewebe des Lebens

Das geheimnisvolle Netzwerk des Körpers und seine Bedeutung für unsere Gesundheit

Irisiana , 29. September 2014
ISBN: 978-3424152593


Erhältlich ab 29. September 2014!



Hubert Ritter:
Rolfing - Structural Integration

noema verlag, München 
ISBN: 978-3-9812781-4-9



Ida Rolf:
Rolfing - Reestablishing the Natural
Alignment and Structural Integration
of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being

Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont 1990.
ISBN 0-89281-335-0, $ 24,95



Ida Rolf Talks

About Rolfing and Physical Reality
Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado 1978.
ISBN 0-930385-00-4, $ 9,95



Hans Georg Brecklinghaus:
Rolfing - Structural Integration.
What it achieves,
how it works and whom it helps

Lebenshaus Verlag, Freiburg 2002.
ISBN 3-932803-03-5, $ 12,95



Hans Georg Brecklinghaus:
Rolfing – Structural Integration
for children and young people

Lebenshaus Verlag, Freiburg 2012
ISBN 9-783-932803-13-0,  $ 17,00



Edited by Rosemary Feitis and
Louis Schultz

Remembering Ida Rolf
Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado 1996.
ISBN 1-55643-238-0, $ 14,95





Thomas W. Myers
Anatomy Trains
Churchill Livingstone, 2001
ISBN 0-44306-351-6, $ 49,95



Fascial and Membrane Technique

A manual for comprehensive treatment of the connective tissue system
Churchill Livingstone, 2006.
ISBN-13 978-0-443-10219-6



Mary Bond

The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World
Healing Arts Press
ISBN-13 978-1594771248