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Becoming A Rolfer™

What entry criteria do I need to meet?

To be considered for the prestigious Rolfing Training you must meet the following criteria.


 Icon A university-entrance diploma or proof of a successful professional career. 

 Icon You must be at least 25 years of age.

 Icon You must have undergone a ten series of Rolfing sessions and five Rolfing Movement sessions. If you would prefer, two of the Rolfing movement sessions may be replaced by attending a Rolfing Movement Basic Workshop.

 Icon You must have sufficient physical strength and health to enable you to do this work on a regular basis.

 Icon Knowledge of and experience with a form of manual therapy. 

 Icon A sound knowledge of anatomy and the locomotor system.

 Icon The ability and openness to develop a therapeutic relationship and accompany clients in their process. Experience with some kind of personal growth process might be beneficial.

The prestige and credibility that accompanies the title ‘Certified Rolfer™’ must be earned and respected. The entry criteria and the training are rigorous yet highly achievable to those with will, determination, a strong belief in the principles of Rolfing and faith in their own abilities. To become a Certified Rolfer is a major accomplishment and brings with it the responsibility of carrying forward to a new generation the expertise founded by Dr. Ida Rolf.

As a career choice, Rolfing will give you the opportunity for meaningful, satisfying self-employment and ongoing personal development. Your skills will be honed and nurtured at the beautiful training center of the ERA in Munich (or at one of the ERA sponsored Rolfing trainings in other locations; currently Bologna, Italy). You could be eligible to establish your own practice within two years, and later continue your education to the advanced level. Through this specific training schedule, your skills will be sharpened and your hands will become precision instruments. When you complete your Advanced Training, you will be part of an exceptional family of global practitioners who carry the sprit of Dr. Rolfs teaching around the world.

What does the training actually involve?

Becoming a Certified Advanced Rolfer is a two-step process, completed over a five year time-frame. You may be qualified to begin your own private practice after you have successfully completed the first full course, called Basic Rolfing Training.


The ERA understands that committing time to study can be difficult to combine with professional and personal commitments, therefore the program is designed in two ways. You may either undertake an intensive program, which involves 75 days over the course of a year, or a modular format taught mostly on weekends over a two-year period. You can see from this that you may actually qualify to practice in less than two years while continuing your training.



Rolfing Pretraining

Orientation Rolfing is a 15 hour introduction workshop and offers first insights to the Rolfing training. You get the chance to experience what Rolfing really means. Experienced teachers of the Rolfing method will introduce you to the theoretical background of Rolfing and you will also have the opportunity to get an insight into Rolfing practice. For those interested in the Rolfing training these two days will help you to decide on your further steps: you will get a feed-back from your teachers about your personal disposition.


Spectrum Rolfing is a two-week intensive course that will give you a comprehensive introduction into the world of bodywork from a Rolfing perspective. It will provide you with new insights in the areas of body structure, movement coordination, 3-dimensional fascial and functional anatomy and manual bodywork skills. Especially designed for those preparing for Phase 1 of the Basic Rolfing Training, this course is also an appropriate practice seminar for any bodyworker wishing to refresh and deepen their knowledge in the field of structure, movement and touch. It is equally inspiring for those without a professional background who are curious about the human body and its functioning.

Orientation Rolfing and Spectrum Rolfing are ideal for anyone with an interest in Rolfing and may also be taken simply to satisfy one's curiosity about the work.

Please follow this link to view further informations about this course.


Basic Rolfing Training


Whether you choose Intensive or Modular Training your training will be divided into three phases. Phase I: Foundation, Phase II: Embodiment and Phase III: Clinical Knowledge. 

Your qualification as a Certified Rolfer will be awarded by the Institute and is approved by the teachers. After you have been awarded your Basic Certificate you may begin your private practice while continuing your education. For the first three years after certification you travel back to the Institute each year for a total of eighteen days. Alternatively you may obtain credits by attending specialised courses not directly sponsored by the ERA. The ERA will accept these credits for a fee, provided the workshop you have attended is eligible.


You may also at this point, if you wish, undertake specialised training as a Rolf Movement Practitioner. For anyone interested in the functional aspects of Rolfing this may be of particular interest.


After you have qualified as a Certified Rolfer and have been in practice for a minimum of three years while completing your continuing education you may apply for the final stage of your training to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer by completing 24 days of training over a six-month period. In addition, you are expected to complete at least three days of training every two years to keep you fully abreast of latest techniques and ideas.


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"The Rolfing Training was a great experience all around."

Quote from a student of the Basic Rolfing Training

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