COVID-19 (Corona) Security Guidelines

Security guidelines at the European Rolfing® Association e.V. (09.05.2022)

All individuals are responsible for observing the hygiene procedures in place by Bavarian health authorities. Following these practices while away from ERA will minimise risk to everyone. We all share responsibility for the well-being of each other and must act accordingly.

Here are the current requirements for attending a course with us:

To start the course:

Please bring for the first day of a course a negative rapid test.

(alternatively you can of course doe an official negative antigen test (max. 24 h) or negative PCR test (max. 48 h). You can find all the test centres in Munich here.)

Further tests weekly every Monday or after a day off.

In case of symptoms in class (Cold, cough, sore throat, etc.), please stay at home. A negative PCR test needed to attend class and need to be repeated every 48 h (around 75 €).

In order to ensure the safety of students, instructors, models and employees in the immediate vicinity, the following measures are mandatory, in addition to the usual hygiene practices.


General preparation

Please take notice of these Safety Guidelines in the common area:

  • Wearing a mask is optional.
  • We/you will measure your temperature with the infrared thermometer every morning. If the temperature is above 37 degrees, please report to the office or please take a Corona test.
  • Please wash your hands and forearms as often as possible. Disinfection sprays are available.
  • Please try to avoid groups and keep the healthy 1,5 m distance, if possible.
  • Please keep the windows in the room open or the available Air Steril air filters on.

During the lesson
  • Wearing a mask is optional during the course. It is mandatory for all people in class, when working on Rolfing models and on each other.

  • Ventilate the classroom with fresh air as often as possible. AirSteril devices are turned on, if it is too cold to open the windows all the time.

  • Use separate cloths for each client depending on the bodywork being done. The cloths may only be used with a partner.

  • Please wash your hands as often as possible. Disinfectant is available.

  • Please try to keep a healthy distance of 1.5 m as often as possible. If necessary, when working on models, partitions can be used to further separate and divide the work area.

  • Please keep the windows in the room open or the available Air Steril air filters on.